Refreshing letter or . . .?

What a refreshing letter by Glen Heredia of Richmond in the Richmond Review! At least that’s what I think, but what do you think?

We have lots of visitors to this blog every day but only the occasional comment. Perhaps Garden City lands people tend toward bashful? In any case, we welcome comments as long as they follow a few netiquette guidelines (as in “About this blog“). Any ideas prompted by the Glen Heredia letter?


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    Olga Says:

    It is a very good connection done by the author between the Garden city debates and our children’s future. It’s their quality of life that we sell now. It was disgusting to read our Mayor’s New Year last year final observation when he was happy to report that the land adjacent to Oval was sold for much more money then it was expected and we have a surplus there…Wow, we sold it and got more money then we expected! Well – how much will our children pay in the future to get these green spaces back? Is their future for sale now? Then how much for the soul?

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