Garden City Lands and the 1000 Mile Diet?

Milo Cernetic has something relevant to say in “Lots of things started here,” Vancouver Sun, March 11, A7. After saying how the “100 Mile Diet” is taking off around the world, he adds:

And part of the reason Vancouver is at the forefront of this new foodie trend is because of another innovation, this time from the New Democratic Party: the creation of the Agricultural Land Reserve.

That brilliant, forward-looking decision not to pave over paradise’s fertile lands has given this city a greenbelt of farms. It means that Vancouverites really can—if they want—live the 100 Mile Diet. 

That’s true. And with a good Garden City Lands outcome, those who so choose may be better able to live the 10 Mile Diet.

With a bad outcome, which would wound not only Richmond but the ALR and therefore British Columbia, we would be more stuck in the 1000 Mile Diet—until the distant sources of food run short.


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