John Cummins re Canada Lands

At the website of John Cummins, MP for Delta-Richmond East, John Cummins has posted a letter that he recently sent to the president of Canada Lands Company Limited about the Garden City Lands. In the letter, Mr. Cummins correctly points out an inconsistency related to the kind of interest that the Musqueam hold in the property. He refers to statements that were made at the public hearings and reported in the Richmond Review.

The Musqueam lawyer, with support from a representative of Canada Lands Company and/or its wholly owned subsidiary, Canada Lands Company CLC, appeared to state that the Musqueam are half owners of the property. In contrast, the “MOU,” an agreement signed by a representative of the Canadian government that led to the transfer of the land from the federal government to CLC, expresses the Musqueam interest quite differently.

Perhaps the president of Canada Lands Company will be able to explain adequately, although it’s hard to imagine how. In the meantime, the appearance is that there are two main possiblities. Either:

  • Canada Lands Company and/or CLC are misrepresenting the Musqueam’s interest, or
  • CLC has disposed of the property in a way that was inconsistent with the conditions under which the federal government transferred the property to CLC.

As things currently appear, in either case the ramifications are serious.

That’s the main point, and the following is a sort of footnote. Canada Lands Company is a crown corporation, whereas its wholly owned subsidiary CLC is a real-estate flipping company that technically is not a crown corporation. However, the representatives of the companies blur the distinction. For example, on the final day of the hearings, Randy Fasan of CLC introduced himself as being from Canada Lands Company. Both that typical behaviour and common sense dictate that CLC should be acting with the same openness and integrity as a crown corporation.



  1. 1
    Dana L. Miller Says:

    Delta-Richmond East former Reform, then Canadian Alliance and now Conservative Member of Parliament, John Cummins, is a career politician seeking opportunities to gain media exposure and has used the Garden City Lands and advocates to gain media exposure.

    In previous elections, Cummins suggested at a Richmond all candidates meeting to put “more (military) tanks” on the Garden City Lands.

    In 2008 pre-writ (pre-election), Cummins argued: 1. outside the Delta-Richmond East riding jurisdiction, 2. against First Nations rights to lands in the Garden City Lands.

    Cummins’ 2008 pre-writ position is just that, positioning unable to change the situation for the advocates of the Garden City Lands that prefer the lands be used for agricultural purposes, versus federal transfer to the First Nations and Municipality.

    1. The Garden City Lands are a contentious issue in the Richmond riding, a jurisdiction Liberal Raymond Chan, MP has jurisdiction.

    2. Cummins argued against First Nations on this issue and at every opportunity (E.g. Fisheries).

    I find Cummins’ position on the Garden City Lands disingenuous and opportunistic. Cummins has been in parliament for 14 years, without accomplishments and failed to work with the Richmond MP, stakeholders or make helpful suggestions years ago, versus finding yet another issue to conveniently position his opposition.

    If Cummins continues “in opposition” versus “in government,” perhaps it is time for Canadians to relieve themselves of the minority Neo-Conservative government of Stephen Harper. Cummins’ leader is plagued with controversies and Cummins’ is plagued with a criminal record as well as an MP record without accomplishments.

    Dana L. Miller
    Liberal candidate for Delta-Richmond East

  2. 2
    Jim Wright Says:

    MP John Cummins does NOT have a criminal record.
    Please focus on the issues.

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