Old news

As of June 1, 2008, the following “news points” have overstayed their welcome in this blog’s welcome message. If not quite history, they are old news.

John Cummins, MP for Delta-Richmond East, has sent a letter to the president of Canada Lands Company to request answers about conflicting statements.

On March 19, 2008, at the end of a 23-hour public hearing in which the public spoke knowledgeably, passionately, and overwhelmingly to keep the Garden City Lands in the ALR, Richmond Council voted to submit a re-application for ALR exclusion to the Agricultural Land Commission.

A letter from John Cummins, MP for Delta-Richmond East, states that he has met with the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Foods as a first step toward a possible federal program need for the Garden City Lands.

At the March 11 public hearing, the land claims lawyer said to treat the Musqueam like any other commercial party, since they don’t have any good lands claim case on the Garden City Lands. (He called it all a “red herring.”)

On Feb. 8-11, the parties trying to remove the lands from the ALR held open houses.  The Coalition, which had encouraged people to attend, shared information and insights with the guests, who responded very favourably.

On Feb. 5, Richmond Council’s Planning Committee to an urban agriculture education proposal from Dr. Kent Mullinix of Kwantlen University College,  with a supportive presentation by student Shane McMillan. The best location would be the Garden City Lands. Ideally fifty acres, it would fit well with the earlier proposal for a Richmond Sustainable Food Systems Park or other park uses.

A Google group has been set up for people who want to keep the Garden City lands green and in B.C.’s Agricultural Land Reserve.


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