The Garden City/ No. 4 Double Standard

A Richmond News article, “No. 4 owners launch suit,” reflects Richmond council’s double standard about removing land from the Agricultural Land Reserve. B.C.’s ALR legislation recognizes that there can be good reasons for removals, and there are half-acre residential properties on the east side of No. 4 Road, which almost certainly could never meet the criteria for property taxes at farm rates, that have one of the best arguments for removal from the ALR we’ll ever come across. Yet they receive no support from city council and staff.

At the same time, council and staff have gone to immense measures to try to get the Garden City Lands (officially on the west side of the same road at 5555 No. 4 Road) removed from the ALR. In contrast to the properties on the east side of No. 4 Road, the Garden City Lands is a large area that the Agricultural Land Commission has identified as prime agricultural land. There are many parties with attractive proposals for using the lands for agricultural purposes. Besides individual farmers’ expressions of interest, there are the Kwantlan Polytechnic University urban agriculture education proposal to council’s planning committee, which can only be fully implemented on the Garden City Lands, and Sustainable Food Systems Park proposal.

The double standard is _________________.

Rather than state the obvious, we’ll leave it to you to fill out the above sentence with one of the many appropriate adjectives, none of them complimentary.


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