Bulletin – Ming Pao re Michael Wolfe

Update: Michael Wolfe contacted Ming Pao. They published a correction. Unfortunately, newspaper corrections rarely offset errors, especially when the errors occur in front page stories.


On its front page on Sunday, October 12, Ming Pao incorrectly reported that Michael Wolfe, a federal Green candidate in the Richmond riding, wanted the Liberals (Raymond Chan) to win in that riding. Michael, who is unquestionably honest, says that Ming Pao did not speak to him about it and that he would not make that statement. He wants people to vote for him, but he also wants Alice Wong (Conservative) to “replace Raymond Chan” as the member of parliament.


How is that relevant to this blog? Both Michael Wolfe and Alice Wong have campaigned to save the Garden City Lands from development. Raymond Chan, the incumbent, wants the Lands developed, and that would result in high-density construction on 65% of the property, which is currently all greenspace.


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    Olga Tkatcheva Says:

    I was wondering if Michael Wolfe contacted the new paper Ming Pao to demand that their false statement is corrected in a timely manner or at least he can demand them to put an announcement in their on-line version immediately. I am sure that this is one of the examples of the Raymond Chan’s attempts to influence the race results.

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