All-candidates meetings for BC local elections

All B.C. residents, please attend one or more all-candidates meetings.

For Richmond details, visit the Richmond All Candidates Meetings page. The next event is on Thursday, Nov. 6, at the Best Western Richmond Hotel and Convention Centre at 7 p.m. We need capable council members who will heed the public, demonstrate both a commitment to save the Garden City Lands and a clear sense of how to succeed, and thoroughly analyze issues before making decisions.

In the case of the Garden City Lands, it is obvious that most of the council members did not thoroughly read the agreements (MOU and purchase agreement) that the city signed. After that, most of the council members went through the motions of listening to the public’s voices while essentially ignoring them and getting deeper and deeper into the mess.

While the Garden City Lands is a hugely important issue in itself, there are underlying problems with much broader implications: council members who don’t manage to wrap their minds around complex issues and/or don’t listen to well-reasoned arguments from the public. A council member who can work with the council team and other parties to resolve the Garden City Lands mess is the same sort of person who is needed for the council job in general.

The question in Richmond is whether the slew of candidates  includes eight potential councillors and one potential mayor who are up to the job. Attend all-candidates meetings, identify the people who will get results, and feel free to share your views as comments to this post, with a focus on the positive.


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