Pre-test for Richmond council applicants

The City Council of Richmond, British Columbia, has three stellar members named Harold Steves, Linda Barnes, and Sue Halsey-Brandt. The Richmond electors need to hire up to six new council members to round out the council team. The hiring decision will be made on Nov. 15, 2008. If you are applying, please take the following 7-item pre-test now and then self-evaluate with the answer key.

Answer each question either “Yes” or “No.”

1.    Is making the Garden City lands largely unfit for food-growing and ecological uses an example of Smart Growth?

2.    Is paving 136 acres of green space but leaving scattered bits of it a great way to create green space?

3.    Should land speculators be given the keys to city hall so that they can direct senior city staff about how to “illuminate” councillors to aid the speculators?

4.    Should council members ignore the citizens’ advice at public hearings?

5.    Should council have fought to enable a development that would cause a parkland shortfall costing taxpayers at least $100 million to remedy?

6.    Should council have facilitated the addition of 15,000 people beyond the 120,000 envisioned in the Richmond City Centre Area Plan?

7.     Should “Richmond’s Stanley Park” be excavated and paved for high rises?

Please self-evaluate your own pre-test. The answer key is after the next post.


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