Renegotiating re purchase agreement expiry

This post is related to the two posts immediately below it.

A reporter asked me for a comment this afternoon. It wasn’t too clear what I was commenting on, but I think I’ve figured it out. Here is what I think the question was about, along with what I meant to say in response:

Question: The Garden City Lands purchase agreement will become null and void after December 31, 2008, because the Agricultural Land Commission will definitely not have excluded the property from the ALR. Under the initial Garden City Lands agreement (the MOU), that should lead to renegotiation between the MOU parties. Mayor Brodie plans to ask the post-election council to vote on an additional agreement that would give the purchase agreement a new life for several months. Any comments?

Answer: That shows why it is so crucial to elect a council committed to saving the Garden City Lands. In the renegotiation stage that begins as the purchase agreement expires, council should explore the range of options, not just Malcolm Brodie’s way to help the development parties. If the new council does give the application more time, the least we should expect in return is the right to buy the property at its “fair market value,” $9.54 million, if the Commission rejects the application.

We would have to NOT elect council candidates Dang, Kumagai, McNulty, and Cynthia Chen, along with the Evelina-Greg Halsey-Brandts. Any eight others would be okay, but I think candidates Barnes, Jampolsky, Johnston, Lee, Reay, Steves, Wolfe, and Sue Halsey-Brandt would make a terrific council.


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