Ugliest is still pretty good

Lawyer Richard Lee is “THE UGLIEST” on
a blog that brands Richmond council candidates as “Good,” “Bad,” “Ugly,” and “The Ugliest.”

In contrast, I (in agreement with the Richmond News) put Mr. Lee in my personal mix of 2008–2011 councillors in “Electing a Save-Garden-City council” on this blog.

I was asked if I’ll drop him, since the other blogger is with “Caring Citizens,” which had a big petition. I said most of the petition signers wouldn’t call people “Ugly” or “The Ugliest” and guessed the blogger was having a bad day.

I can understand why people signed the petition, since the size and location of the proposed 32-bed Turning Point facility may have been wrong.

However, it is certainly wrong to block citizens from getting social services here. Turning Point serves Richmond residents who are much like the rest of us except they’re recovering from drug addiction. A caring city doesn’t banish the needy.

Because of the the size, the proposal was a non-starter that never reached a council vote, but the new council will face more tough issues like that. I want it to solve them.

We need a stronger council. Richard Lee is still on my councillors’ list. However, Anna Bloomfield, whom the other blogger likes, is in a near tie with Mr. Lee in my analysis, so I suggest including Ms. Bloomfield if one prefers not to vote for Mr. Lee.

 Richard/Anna is joined by Harold Steves, Sue Halsey-Brandt, Michael Wolfe, Ken Johnston, Linda Barnes, David Reay, and Howard Jampolsky, with Pat Young as an additional alternate.



  1. 1
    Olga Tkatcheva Says:

    I do not agree with Jim that we need a stronger council. We need a council that works for the people it represent and not for themselves if presumably “stronger” here means the well known fact that Richard Lee said no matter how many people sign the petition it would not change his position. What about our petition and the endless presentations on the Public hearings? We tried to change their position too and there is nothing good that most of them stayed “strong” on the previously taken point regardless of what people feel. I absolutely support the petition against the proposed 32-bed Turning Point facility and consider all this ugly situation a failure of the responsible bodies to consult with the people who live there before going public – it could avoid the embarrassment for the people in need of treatment and nerve wrecking for the people who live there. If the petitions are not considered to be a valid factor in the decision making process, then election is the only time we can provide a feed back?

  2. 2
    kewljim Says:

    The stronger council I’m looking for would be a self-reforming council. I’ve described that in the “Time to reform Richmond council?” post. One can scroll down to it or go directly to A council like that would be able to work through to solutions to complex, difficult questions. In my opinion, Richard Lee could probably be very good for that as part of the nine-person council mix.

    In building teams, my approach has always been to look for individuals with (a) major strengths that would fit with the team’s needs and (b) no disqualifying weakenesses. The way in which Richard Lee stands up for people who are easy to shun may be a weakness. However, I don’t happen to find it disqualifying even though my view on the particular issue was quite different from his.

    For those who do, I suggest Anna Bloomfield as a good alternative.

  3. 3
    ccrichmondsociety Says:

    The term “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” was suggested and used in jest and not condescendingly. (It is the title of a Clint Eastwood movie.) Further down the article, you would have known this to be fact.

    We admire anyone who has the guts to present himself/herself to serve the public. We do not exclude Mr. Lee. However, in our critical evaluation we not only conducted extensive research on each of the candidates, we also carefully studied their public demeanor, their gestures, their expression, eye contact, and how they expressed themselves. Actions speak louder than words, goes a proverb. In the case of Mr. Lee, there is more. These are his words to one of our members: “I do not believe in bragging….” – a great contradiction to the manner he conducted himself at most of the all candidates meetings.

    He said, “It is because I share these concerns of yours that I went to the Turning Point House on Odlin, looked into the workings of the House, had a long discussion with the Executive Director”. And this is how he decided to “fight for Turning Point”? Because he spent two hours with Ms. Plant at Odlin? We shudder to think that someone who believes to have all the credentials and professional acumen to serve the public could have such a shallow basis for coming to a strong sentiment in favor. We spent hundreds if not thousands of man hours educating ourselves and our caring citizens in order to protect our family community and the city of Richmond against massive misuse of public funds on something that does not work, yet exposes us to unmitigated risks. And here is a “champion of the masses” saying our sentiments are worthless?

    Mr. Wright, we care about the least fortunate and the disadvantaged; we care about keeping the Garden City Lands green and for all people of Richmond to benefit generations from now; BUT we would not block citizens from receiving social benefits as you wrongfully alleged. Rather, we believe in helping people genuinely receive treatment and not bandaged solutions that waste taxpayers’ money. We promote education and training to help people overcome their challenges.
    Most of all, we advocate in favor of social, economic, and fiscal accountability and support leaders with a vision to promote first the welfare of the ordinary citizen, instead of self-interest, grand ambition, and the greed of big business.

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