Council election results

This post about the Nov. 15, 2008, Richmond, BC, election results replaces a post about electing a “Save garden City” council.

Harold Steves, Sue Halsey-Brandt, and Linda Barnes of “Save Garden City” topped the polls, and Ken Johnston was also elected. They and other Save Garden City candidates got 66% of the councillor vote, but their 111,620 votes (to Pave Garden City’s 64,989) were split among more candidates. Each side elected four councillors.

With the mayor, Pave Garden City appears to have a 5-4 majority. However, at the Nov. 17 General Purposes Committee meeting, some of the councillors that have been Pave seemed to be moving toward a Save way of thinking, with the likely effect of a 5-4 Save Garden City majority.

Save Garden City” school board candidates Chak Kwong Au, Carol Day, and Rod Belleza were elected.

Thanks to all “Save Garden City” candidates for a race well run.



  1. 1

    So Ken Johnston flip-flopping on the GCL and Howard Jampolsky, bridge builder,( presumably for all the extra traffic from the developed GCL gets the Jim Wright nod. Whereas, Neil Smith who spoke against removing the GCL from the ALR, is passed over. I think that Jim should give himself a shake. I hope the voters of Richmond give all the pundits and Chamber of Commerce sellouts in the local media something to think about on Saturday.

  2. 2
    Conflicted Says:

    Hello, I definitely agree that Richmond needs the green space and that the GCL would do very well to serve that purpose.

    I originally wanted to keep the GCL on the Agriultural Land Reserve.
    After reading the full report on the GCL (you can find it here:
    I found that this may be the worst thing to do.

    The one thing that prevents me from voting to keep the lands on the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) is the fact that IF they are kept on the ALR, the Canadian Lands Corporation (they currently own the GCL) will hand the lands over to the Musqueam Indian Band. This means that the land will become private. The MIB will have free reign and the probability of the Lands being used for community farming or green space is virtually reduced to zero. Richmond residents will have no say at all.

    I would much rather see the lands be publicly owned than privately developed. Also, the ALR will not approve any requests by the City of Richmond unless it fits their needs.

    If the lands are removed from the ALR, the 3 parties (the City, the Canadian Lands Corporation, and the Musqueam Indian Band) will have to comply to the articles in this report = obligation to cater to the community.

    It seems that the lands may be in jeopardy either way, but I definitely will not vote to privatize these lands.

  3. 3

    Myself, I’ve seen and listened to and spoken with the VoteRites (including Pat Young) and will be voting for them all. One step at a time. No point in getting all panicky imagining all sorts of worst case scenario’s. As long the lands stay in the ALR, they can’t be developed no matter who owns them. Isn’t that true? I am so grateful for Jim Wright’s explanations of what’s going on. I really hope we get a council that respects our beautiful island(s) and understands the importance of green space.

  4. 4
    kewljim Says:

    Thanks for the comments. I recommend to Conflicted to read the Garden City Lands Coalition response to the application. The response is on the Coalition website at The main part of the response is in a PDF at Conflicted, I’d love to hear what you think if you manage to find time to read the Coalition response.

    I would agree that it will be difficult to succeed if we continue to have a Pave Garden City council. If we manage to have a Save Garden City council after the election, the outlook is very much better. That is why I encourage voting for candidates who are electable and who have good skills for helping work through the complex process for ensuring that the lands remain green space for ecological and food-security purposes for the benefit of the community.

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