Responses to the ALC decision

A few days ago, the Agricultural Land Commission announced its decision to keep the Garden City Lands in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). Since then, there’s been a flurry of messages to the Garden City Lands Coalition email. They are much appreciated. Here’s a sampling (last updated on Feb. 18).


This is the greatest news for Richmond and a BIG thank you for all your hard work efforts and persistence. The politicians are finally listening.  


Congratulations on the Garden City Lands decision!!!  It is resounding with us in Skagit County, Washington, as well.

I know it was a long, hard fight and there is more yet to do. This was a BIG win and definitely gives momentum to your cause.  Again, congratulations from all of us of kindred spirit south of the border.

Gene Derig
Anacortes, WA


Great News!! Now the citizens of Richmond are in Charge!

Bill McNulty


Wonderful News! Good for the ALC! – and all the stalwarts here who opposed.
Patricia Lynn

Thanks for all the fantastic work, guys!


Great News!! Now the citizens of Richmond are in Charge!
Bill McNulty 


Best news of the day. Of the week. If not the year!


Thank you very much Jim and all involved.
I have appreciated the consistent reporting of developments regarding the application.
Keep up the good work.


Just a note of appreciation of all your hard work in this effort. Please keep at it.
M and R Beaussart


Jim, you’ve done a fantastic job of pulling all the concerned citizens into a group with a voice.


What a wonderful day!!!  It restores my faith in humanity. 


Thanks for all your hard work and leadership. It is a victory, but I think the battle to keep the land is not over. Cheers! 


Wonderful news!


Awesome, Mr. Jim Wright!  Thank you for the great news update about the GCL, and to be so ‘right!’

Andrea May






Congratulations all who worked so hard for this well-deserved victory. You give me hope that we can save farmland in Delta too.
Wilma Haig


Congratulations to All.
Your commitment is outstanding and is an encouragement to all who despair of ‘taking on city hall’.
Nick Loenen


Now the congratulations are OFFICIAL!
To All….Well done!


It almost seems, in these trying times, that common sense may finally be peeking through the fogged minds of greed.
Vern Craig


This is fantastic news.
I’ve been waiting for this announcement with bated breath.
Happy celebrating!



Wow!! How amazing!


This is wonderful news we finally got the ALC decision and the ALR exclusion has been denied!!!!!


I am happy that the Lands have received this reprieve.


I am thrilled!


For once I’m speechless.
Harold Steves


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