Visiting the patient lands


Last Sunday’s eco-tour found the Garden City Lands still looking battered, since the lush vegetation was mowed down last fall. Despite that, the setting was somehow still beautiful, as you may sense from the above photo. Whatever stage the lands are in, there are always advantages to it.

On this occasion, it was much easier than usual to see and study the sphagnum moss that supports much of the surface, which is springy in parts where the sphagnum is deep. In the photo, which was not posed, some members of the group are interpreting other discoveries, with expert input from Michael Wolfe (third from the right) and Coun. Harold Steves (centre back, in jean jacket).

By the upcoming Earth Day tour, the lands will be different again, no doubt vibrant with the changes in vegetation and wildlife that accompany spring. Every eco-tour yields discoveries and new insights. No one knows what the next tour will reveal. We’ll start finding out at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, April 22.


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