“Coffin hotel”—Sing Tao version

Local Traditional Chinese newspaper Sing Tao picked up the Richmond News’s “Coffin hotel to be built on Garden City lands” April Fool’s joke and published it as news in this article in Sunday’s issue. The following is from a free online automatic translation program, which no doubt does not do justice to the Sing Tao original.

Very popular in Tokyo, Japan, to provide for the tired nap or rest room for the “coffin” hotel, will soon be possible in the city of Richmond appears. The size of these hotel rooms, usually only if the size of a single bed, so the coffin was called a capsule hotel.

Richmond area, according to newspaper reports, have an size of 4000 to rest above the high-density space hotel, in the Garden City Lands reserves of vacant agricultural land.

The report also pointed out that a gaming company called Dakota Gaming Corp., a private consortium, has purchased the site of 136 acres of land and development projects are being developed. The company is currently in the United States and Canada, Newfoundland, operating more than casinos and hotels.

Related projects have been wrongly sent to a former land-use planning officials and had early exposure. According to the reports the amount of land transactions has not been pre-approved by the federal government.

Richmond City Councilman Harold Steves said that he did not know there is the development plan, also ask whether the reporter joked. Dakota Group said the planned top-level hotels will be opened up as a greenhouse plant, so in line with the restrictions on land for agricultural purposes.

Notes: Our previous post on the “Coffin hotel” topic appears just below the “Learning from Detroit” post. The Richmond News has now removed the original article from its website.

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