Jessica Lai’s simplicity solution

Jessica Lai’s “Guest shot” column, published online and in the April 9 Richmond Review newspaper, provides insight into the difficulty of understanding the Garden City Lands issue.

Her simple advice combines idealism with common sense. If I’ve grasped the gist, it comes down to this:

If Canada Lands Company, the party that has had the greatest control for the past four years, acts on its stated principles, it will be doing what is best for the community. It will then be able to win public support while telling the truth in a straightforward way. Individual citizens and the whole community will be empowered.

There is a human-resources rule of thumb that past performance is the best predictor of future performance, and in that context it remains a huge challenge to somehow get Canada Lands Company to put its high-sounding principles into practice, with lasting good results for the Garden City Lands. That said, Jessica Lai has brought the goal a little closer.


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