MLA candidates – May 5 update

Note: This is an updated version of an earlier post.

This blog does not endorse any provincial election candidates, but it does aim to identify candidates in the three Richmond constituencies who are likely to take “Save Garden City” action as MLAs if elected on May 12.

·        Michael Wolfe, Green Party Candidate in Richmond Centre, is as much a part of the Garden City Lands as the red-winged blackbirds and bog blueberries. He has campaigned steadfastly for years, moderates a large Google Group on the issue, and is a member of the Garden City Lands Coalition leadership group, with a coordinator role that includes guiding eco-tours of the lands.

·        Hon. Linda Reid, MLA for Richmond East and Minister of State for Childcare, came out in support of keeping the Garden City Lands green in a paid-ad column in the March 11, 2008, Richmond News. Her public stand was helpful for the Save Garden City campaign. The Coalition will be looking to her for further help in getting the attention and effective action of the provincial government.

·        The Green Party candidate in Richmond East is Stephen Rees. Especially through his insightful blog, Stephen Rees has been a long-time advocate of saving the Garden City Lands. His expertise includes extensive deep knowledge of transportation and land uses in the Fraser delta. 

·        Shawkat Hassan, the NDP candidate in Richmond East, has been active in the Garden City Lands Coalition. Among other things, his participation has included a pub night at Legends and an eco-tour of the Garden City Lands.

•    In addition, it was clear from the all-candidates meeting on May 4 that Jeff Hill, Green Party candidate in Richmond Steveston, and Kam Brar, NDP candidate in Richmond Centre, are supportive of protecting the Garden City Lands.

Note: If there are other declared candidates who should be mentioned, you can add comments to this post or send an email on the topic.


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