The Garden City Lands Coalition as a group is not involved in the referendum on BC-STV (single-transferable vote), the new voting system recommended almost unanimously by the Citizens Assembly, 160 citizens from every part of British Columbia. However, I noticed at a public meeting on the issue at the Richmond Culture Centre that all the people there who have taken significant roles in saving the Garden City Lands were on the Yes side, even though they had connections to all three parties running Richmond candidates in the May 12 election.

Maybe the common factor, crossing both party lines and issues, was a shared commitment to the community voice being heard and represented. In any case, here’s my personal view, as expressed in a brief note that I’ve sent to a newspaper:

The campaign against BC-STV is drilling a scare word, “complicated,” into our minds.

But the reality is simple. Under BC-STV there are five chances out of six that your vote will help elect someone you want.

True, BC-STV requires more counting, which the computers will easily handle. Since it enables most votes to matter, not be wasted, that is good.

If you want a longer explanation, I recommend the YouTube video of Christy Clark’s endorsement of BC-STV on her CKNW talk show.

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