Petition—sign please—useful again!

The Coalition is likely to present the Garden City Lands petition again soon. We have already presented it, with good effect, to the Agricultural Land Commission and the Government of Canada. However, it may soon be useful to send it to Canada Lands Company, which is the government’s land disposal arm, and to other decision-makers in the federal government.

So far we have a total of about 1,950 signatories (including over 1,100 online). Let’s at least bring the total up over 2,000 for a start.

The petition says this:

We, the undersigned, request that the Garden City Lands, Richmond, B.C., remain green in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) for agricultural and ecological uses and park uses that may be permitted within the ALR.

We also request that the Government of Canada be prepared to restore its ownership of the Lands for program needs within the ALR, such as urban agriculture and ecology uses, that serve the people of Richmond and Canada.

If you haven’t already signed the petition online or on paper, please visit it online and “sign.” Signing just involves your name and city (not your street address), along with your email address for verification.

Your email address will never appear publicly, but choose the “available to petition author” option if you are a supporter who wants to receive the Garden City News, an email newsletter that is typically sent out twice a month.

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