See you at The Barn?


At Terra Nova, the northwest tip of Lulu Island, the City of Richmond got things wrong two decades ago but then recovered to some extent before it was too late. The good result was the Terra Nova Rural Park, along with the Terra Nova Natural Area. The park is in a spectacular location, and the City is doing a spectacular job of cooperating with the citizens there. With the Garden City Lands, the City of Richmond was on an even worse course than the initial Terra Nova one, but we hope that the turn-around will continue, with an end result that will be even better.

In that context, we’re excited that the 2009 annual general meeting (AGM) of the Garden City Lands Coalition Society on Monday, June 22, will be at The Barn at Terra Nova Rural Park. It’s a great setting for celebrating and learning. For more, please go to the Barn-AGM page on the Garden City Lands website. If you support the goals of the society, we hope to see you, as a member of the society, at The Barn.


When you reach this sign at 2631 Westminster, you’re there!


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