Barn-raising AGM

Thanks to Michael Wolfe, the minutes of the Garden City Lands Coalition Society’s 2009 annual general meeting are now available.

The minutes tell part of the story, but you really had to be there to fully appreciate it. The Barn at Terra Nova Rural Park was an inspired choice of venue (thanks, Mary Gazetas!). The participation was very good in numbers and phenomenal in interaction. People arrived early for set-up and registration and stayed late for clean-up (thanks Shane McMillan, Bruno Vernier, Jessica Lai, Carol Day, Olga Tkatcheva, Gordon Kibble, and many others), the refreshments were plentiful (thanks, Suzanna Wright), and the Rural Park intro and tour were magical (thanks Arzeena Hamir).

A highlight was the Save Richmond Farmland Society presentation near the end. Marion Smith, Pat Montgomery, and Penny Charlebois of the Save Richmond Farmland Society led a discussion about the Save Terra Nova efforts two decades earlier. There in The Barn, we felt as though we were succeeding on the shoulders of those pioneers, especially since we were gathered on land they had helped save, now called Terra Nova Rural Park. As if that wasn'[t enough, they concluded by presenting a cheque for $500 from their society to the Garden City Lands Coalition Society.

There are about thirty people who should be thanked, so a lot have been left out, but you get the idea. After an experience like that, it’s easy to see how  the Save Garden City campaign retains so much vitality.


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