Eating local

Eating locally is very important to a lot of supporters of conserving the Garden City Lands, which they see as the future location of a significant amount of urban agriculture and as the generator of a lot more. Try visiting the Hellman’s Eat real, eat local website. You’ll probably be glad you did.

Also, the Gardens link at the main Hellman’s website opens a cornucopia.

Note: Hellman’s produces mayonnaise for a living and evidently wants to help people to live healthily, preferably with the aid of Hellman’s mayonnaise. For sure, they are also prompting a lot of free advertising – like what is occurring here. This seems to be situation in which everyone wins, which is a kind of outcome the people who want to conserve the Garden City Lands favour too.

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    Have a look at Bright Ideas ( and scroll down to Laptop Farming. Garden City Lands would be ideally suited for this.

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