Southgate re Peschisolido

A letter under the headline “Peschisolido is wrong about Wong and the Garden City lands” appeared in the September 25 issue of the Richmond Review. The writer is Carol Southgate, a director of the Garden City Lands Coaliton Society. Carol is also a local grower with a small farm, and she is a member of the Richmond Agricultural Advisory Committee.

It is hard to know what to make of the Garden City Lands comments that Carol used as a springboard for her letter. They are comments attributed to Joe Peschisolido, a former MP who has been selected as the Liberal candidate for the riding of Richmond in the next federal election. Certainly the Garden City Lands deal that he helped arrange was better than the later one that Raymond Chan, who succeeded him as MP, helped to arrange. However, the MOU that remains from the Chan efforts is still a legal agreement and can actually work out well for Richmond if the renegotiation that should occur within the agreement is conducted well by the City with good support from our federal politicians of all parties. Appropriate support from Mr. Peschisolido would be welcome and could be admirable.


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