Thanks, Budget Printing, for helping

A previous post discusses Garden City Lands MOU contingencies: Community input, the 16-page booklet that the Garden City Lands Coalition Society directors prepared for Richmond’s council and staff. It is a crucial document that could easily make the difference between success and failure, andthe directors wanted its production quality to be equally good. Ideally, it would be printed in colour and “saddle-stitched” (bound as a booklet, with tabloid-sized sheets folded and stapled at the spine). However, the printing estimates were prohibitively high, e.g., $300 for the first twenty copies.

Fortunately, at the last minute we asked Jim McKinnon of Budget Printing for a quote. He was supportive of helping save “Richmond’s Garden City” lands, and his immediate response was that they would print it as a community service contribution. When the City needed more copies, Budget Printing also did the second run for us at no charge.

The coalition directors are highly appreciative of the individuals and groups who are supportive. In the case of Budget Printing, it is nice to be able to recommend them to the blog readers.

Budget Printing does an immense amount of printing of all kinds and offers a wide range of printing-related services. Although most of Budget’s volume comes from big customers like companies and government-affiliated organizations, it also serves small customers. It combines low prices with prompt service. Judging from our booklet, the quality is excellent. The main location is at 505 Clark Drive (at Pender) in Vancouver. There is another Budget Printing location at 4645 Kingsway in Burnaby, and Budget also operates Copies Express at 110-8240 Lansdowne Road in Richmond.

Again, thank you, Budget Printing!


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