True food security?

I kept laughing out loud when reading “Protecting the ALR isn’t about food security,” an op-ed column in the October 20 Vancouver Sun. It read like a parody of absurd arguments against local food security and the Agricultural Land Reserve, complete with a photo of the Garden City Lands. Then I googled and found that the writer, Steve Lornie, is the president of an actual construction management company. The article seems to be an actual attempt to refute a column by Peter Ladner, a Business in Vancouver founder and former NPA councillor, along with everyone else aiming for local food security,  “the left who attack free markets.”

Here’s my 99-word comment:

While against “an obsessive focus on food security,” Steve Lornie agrees with food-security advocate Peter Ladner that the world’s supply of available food is only a tenth of what it was about twenty years ago. That’s good, says Lornie: “just-in-time inventory” with “low-cost delivery.” For true food security, it seems, we simply need a Toyota-like world along with world free trade, more reliance on “the struggling farmers of the Third World,” and presumably world peace. When we’ve paved the Agricultural Land Reserve and have no local food, we can get a quick, cheap, secure supply from Somalia and Chad.

Update, Oct. 26: My comment has appeared as a letter in the Vancouver Sun today, along with three other letters that rebutted the Steve Lornie anti-ALR column. the Sun had previously published two letters that also rebutted the column. That’s six letters that support the ALR and zero that oppose it, and the Sun would have balanced the views if there had been any well-expressed letters on the other side. What that says about public opinion on the ALR issue is certainly encouraging.


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    Harold W . King Says:

    I , in concert with MANY, MANY others in B.C. , am truly pleased that MORE people are coming to realize that “Food Security” is NOT just a “Catch” word ! It is of very real import ! Keep up the good work. HK.

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