MPs – update about action

On Saturday, Nov. 14, four directors of the Garden City Lands Coalition Society met with Alice Wong, MP for the Richmond riding. That evening, John Cummins, MP for Delta-Richmond East, phoned me. In each case, the topic was federal help in saving the Garden City Lands, and the conversation was thorough.

In previous years, Mr. Cummins provided strong early help, which was particularly necessary when the Richmond MP was Raymond Chan, who was unlikely to ever become part of the solution. Since the Garden City Lands are technically in the Richmond riding (though right on the border of Richmond East), the directors asked Alice Wong to take the leading role and to act immediately. So far we have not heard about any further progress.

Right now, though, Ms. Wong is in China with Prime Minister Harper. While we realize that their attention during the trip is on China, the fact that the prime minister thought enough of the Richmond MP to include her in the small group of MPs with him seems promising. We are looking forward to news from Ms. Wong that her influence is paying off for the Garden City Lands issue.


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