Tkatcheva alerts council to act fast

After the Regional Growth Strategy public meeting in Richmond, B.C. on January 21, 2010, City Centre activist Olga Tkatcheva sent this message, which she has kindly shared here as a guest blogger. It highlights something that the Richmond community needs its council to address in the next week.

Dear Mayor and Councillors,

In preparation to the Regional Growth Strategy meeting in Richmond on January 21, I found that Garden City lands is currently still designated as Urban under the Regional Growth Strategy draft. That is despite the results of the vote by all the council members at the General Purposes Committee meeting on May 11 of last year. The designation of the Garden City lands and Department of National Defense (DND) lands was questioned, and it was decided to inform the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth planners that council was still considering the designation and would report its decision. In other words the designation was under study.

There are a few areas around the Metro Vancouver in the similar situation that are designated as Under Study and marked by a star on the Regional Growth maps, but very disappointingly Garden City Lands is not shown that way or as “Agricultural” despite its confirmed Agricultural Land Reserve status. I am urging you to investigate this matter in a prompt manner to find out why not even “Under Study” temporary designation has been reflected in the Regional Growth Strategy draft. Was it because some kind of miscommunication happened, or is it an attempt from the staff to pave the road to paving the Garden City Lands in the future? In his presentation at the January 21 meeting, Mr. Johnny Carline stated and showed with a timeline  on the screen that the period for municipal input into the Regional Growth Strategy ends on January 29. Afterwards there is a ratification period but not another input period.

With best regards,
Olga Tkatcheva

PS. The minutes of the General Purposes Committee meeting of May, 11, 2009, refer to
Richmond’s Comments on Metro Vancouver’s Regional Growth Strategy. The minutes state that this was moved and seconded and carried:

(3) That comments be added to Section 2E of the report to reflect that Council is still considering the future of Garden City Lands and Department of National Defence (DND) Lands as agricultural land in the Regional Plan and will report the City’s position as soon as it is formulated.

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