GIS Inquiry info about the lands

The Richmond, BC, GIS Inquiry System  provides information that not everyone is aware of. For instance, the results for the Garden City Lands show a land value, perhaps from the previous year, of just under $13 million. The taxes, payable by Canada Lands Company CLC Ltd., are stated as just over $48,500. The Richmond zoning is correctly shown as AG1, Agriculture, which conforms with the provincial agricultural zoning (ALR).

The area of the Garden City Lands is typically given as 55 hectares, and the GIS Inquiry results confirm that. (To be precise, the area is 551,807 square metres, or 55.1807 ha, which converts to 136.354 acres.)

The map view shows the Garden City Lands, officially at 5555 No. 4 Road, as an almost square area that is bordered by the familiar four arterial roads (Garden City, Alderbridge, No. 4, and Westminster). Within the border, though, there are strips of land beside roads, as well as a triangle in the northwest corner, that appear to be city land. That would add up to about six acres or more.

Have a look at the GIS Garden City Lands results for yourself.


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