Documenting what the couple questions

This post is related to “H-B couple’s gift to Musqueam and CLC” on this blog and, under another title, in the Richmond Review.

In a letter in the March 18 Review, Coun. Evelina Halsey-Brandt writes that at no time did she or her husband, Coun. Greg Halsey-Brandt, ever say that Richmond’s offer to buy the Garden City lands should be based on the value of the Walmart property across Alderbridge Road. The “no time” in question is the late afternoon of Dec. 8, 2008, after the Halsey-Brandts’ side lost a council vote 6-3, setting the Garden City Lands on course to be saved from high-density development.

That tells me that they don’t remember. I do, but that just leads to conjecture about whether my remembering is more reliable than their not remembering. To resolve that, I will refer to the relevant documentation.

I published the “Fair market value” post on this blog at 12:46 a.m. on Dec. 11, 2008. In all likelihood I would still have had meeting notes when writing two nights after the event, and in any case the event would still have been very clear in my mind. The post, which tries to express a strong bargaining position for the City, recognizes near the end that there may be good reason for the Musqueam to receive further compensation, presumably from the federal government. That leads into this paragraph:

In any case, what we do not need is councillors publicly suggesting an inflated price, as happened with a couple of councillors at the Dec. 8 meeting that brought an end to the plans for high-density development of the Lands. That pair of councillors suggested offering the price of Alexandra-area land across Alderbridge Way to the north. Because of rezoning, the per-acre value of that land would be something like $3 million an acre, and it makes absolutely no sense to offer that amount for ALR land.

You will notice that I did not name the couple, but it was definitely the Halsey-Brandt couple. Naming them had little value for the purpose of the article, and I would certainly have wanted to spare them any embarrassment.


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