Update with MP Alice Wong

Daniel Leung, vice president of the Garden City Lands Coalition Society, and I as president met with Richmond Member of Parliament Alice Wong yesterday. She filled us in on a number of steps that she has taken in her caucus and with the government. We can see that she, with support from Delta-Richmond East MP John Cummins, has taken the appropriate steps. They have also heeded our board’s advice and not rushed into premature steps. Although that may be denigrated as doing nothing, it is actually vital for ongoing success.

We talked for well over an hour. There was some sensitive information, and Daniel and I prefer to respect Dr. Wong’s openness by taking care in what we release. She offered to update the community directly fairly soon, and Daniel and I agreed that it is the best approach.

We discussed next steps. Dr. Wong—or Alice, as we have come to call her—will discuss the options with Mr. Cummins. Alice will update Daniel and me regularly. We are being circumspect in what we say because of the behaviour of particular Richmond council members who may be undermining the MPs’ efforts. What those council members are doing publicly is irresponsible, and we also have to be concerned about what they may be doing behind the scenes.


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