In an over-the-top letter from Coun. Evelina Halsey-Brandt in the Richmond Review, the Garden City Lands Coalition is the object of a thinly veiled attack related to the community’s success in countering the use of so-called consultation to manipulate the public.

Implicitly referring to the Garden City lands consultation process, the councillor characterizes it as “commandeered” by a special interest group. I’m not quite sure what she means, but it’s a safe bet it’s not complimentary.

In reality, a consortium of powerful parties was bent on dense development of a protected 136-acre green space in Richmond’s city centre, and we citizens slowly awakened to the threat. Alone and in small groups and then as a coalition, we fought back. With many hundreds of volunteer-service hours, we turned back waves of propaganda. The Garden City Lands were saved—until the next battle. It was something to celebrate, not denigrate.


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