Birthday invite from legal friend EDRF

“Happy birthday, dear E D R F, happy birthday to you!”

That’s not so easy to sing, but they deserve it. The Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund, friendly offspring of West Coast Environmental Law, is almost 20. The birthday party is on Saturday, April 10, and the Garden City Lands Coalition Society will be there.

That’s because the EDRF gives us presents. It assists with the legal advice that helps keep us on course.

For example, it helped when speculator parties who wanted to tear up the Garden City Lands were pressuring Richmond city council members to believe they had to keep voting in the speculators’ interests or be in bad faith under legal agreements. Thanks to the EDRF, our legal advice on “fettering” proved that the agreements actually recognized council members’ “legislative discretion,” their freedom to vote in the interests of the community. Furthermore, if the agreements had denied that legislative discretion, they could be challenged. After I brought that up when presenting at a key council meeting, a councillor questioned a later presenter, the lawyer for a speculator party. He had to agree that council members were free to vote as they saw fit. That was huge.

West Coast Environmental Law provides some basic legal advice directly with its staff lawyers. For environmental-protection issues like ours, its EDRF helps clients to locate suitable lawyers who will help at partial pro bono (reduced rates), and it also pays a good part of the reduced rate within an approved project plan.

Especially if you’re a past, present, or potential client, West Coast Environmental Law proudly invites you to the party.

Who: EDRF lawyer Andrew Gage cordially welcomes you.

What:  Share birthday cake, memories of 20 years of EDRF wins, and new dreams.

Where: BCGEU Fraser Valley Union Centre auditorium, 8555-198A Street, Langley, BC

When: 2–4 p.m., Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why: Celebrate and accelerate toward new environmental victories.

How: For more information, visit the EDRF party web page or Facebook invite, email Andrew Gage, or call him at 604-601-2506.

Know people who may be interested? Send them to this invitation.


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