What we ain’t*

What’s the Garden City Lands Coalition? My basic answer:

The coalition is everyone who wants the Garden City Lands to remain green in B.C.’s Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) for agricultural, ecological, and open-land park uses for community wellness.

Increasingly, though, I find a need to say what the coalition is not or does not do. My view:

  1. It does not promote any single vision of the Garden City Lands’ ALR future to the exclusion of others but instead encourages visions (plural).
  2. It does not exclude any future use of the lands that is permitted in the ALR or realistically permissible. Individuals and groups within the coalition will have their preferences, sometimes strong ones, but the coalition only excludes clearly non-ALR uses.
  3. It does not promote a view that every property in the ALR should remain there, and it also does not exclude anyone with that view.
  4. It does not encourage viewing the future of the Garden City Lands in isolation but instead encourages viewing the future in local, provincial, and global contexts.
  5. It does not support or oppose any particular political party but does welcome the support of politicians of all parties at all levels of government. (However, the coalition includes people with a range of political affiliations.)
  6. It does not have a single philosophical viewpoint beyond valuing the Garden City Lands, the ALR, and food sustainability,  but the most active members have historically been inspired by concern for needier members of society and the future.
  7. It does not require paid membership, but for practical reasons the coalition is led by the board of directors of the incorporated Garden City Lands Coalition Society, and there is a minimal annual fee ($10) for society membership.
  8. We’re not easily categorized, but the goals of the incorporated society are stated on the About Us page of the coaliton website.

I suggest that we’re not 100% sure what we are, and there’s a good reason: we’re a truly grassroots group with an identity in progress. If you have thoughts about it, please share them via comments (below the post) or email. This post will be adapted as need be.

For more about what the coalition is see the “Garden . . . Coalition” page, as well as the “About This Blog” and “Intro to Digging Deep” pages. There are links to all of them in the main menu, which is to the left of this post. Also please read the “Why you’re amazing” post.

*Practically irrelevant trivia: You may be wondering about the ain’t in the title. I used it because I felt like it, but there’s more to it than that. In a 2009 post on the subject, linguist par excellence David Crystal says that ain’t “originally didn’t have the nonstandard resonance that it has today, being widely used as a colloquialism among upper-class as well as lower-class speakers. It was probably the frequent use of this form in the literary representation of lower-class speech (especially in Dickens) that eventually turned educated people against it.” I felt like using ain’t because that English word, which is often quickly judged, is not so easily classified when one digs a little deeper.


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