Bovine manure and the Garden City Lands

Delicate-sensibilities warning: This is about piles of very organic fertilizer.

It is prompted in part by an editorial about the next governor general, but it is also related to my too-intimate experience, mainly in the last three years, of bovine manure heaped on the Garden City Lands and citizens by those who should know—and do—better.

Naturally, the bovine manure is
figurative. However, there’s
still truth to the old saying
that says, more or less:

Bovine manure sticks.

When a shovelful is dropped onto what should be crystal clear, it takes a hundred times as much effort to clean it up. A raison d’être of this blog is to clean up the misinformation of one kind or another.

Instead of the 100,000-plus words in this blog, a few thousand words would otherwise be plenty. Manure has roles in life, but we could get by just fine with less. No offence meant, big fellow (above right).

This experience coloured my response when an editorial got me thinking about the next governor general of Canada. Our governments shovel too much bovine manure, I thought, but maybe we can at least get someone at the top who knows how to put it in its place. So I responded to the newspaper, only slightly tongue-in-cheek:

Re: Michaëlle Jean will be a tough act to follow, editorial, April 9

For next governor general, how about an act born in the Depression and matured in even tougher times? A face of Canada, rugged and striking. “The true north strong and free,” a great ordinary Canadian who stands up for Canadians no matter what. Alive and kicking. Stompin’ Tom Connors!


More Stompin’ Tom?  Wikipedia entry, along with Bud the Spud, The Hockey SongSudbury Saturday Night, Take Me Back to Old Alberta, and, most fitting of all for this post, Margo’s Cargo.


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