Musqueam sue City

Bulletin: The Musqueam Indian Band has sued the City of Richmond, making various claims on the premise of having sold its interest to the city under duress. Here is the writ.

The Garden City Lands Coalition Society, on the advice of the coalition lawyer, is urging the City to vigorously defend the lawsuit after retaining lawyers expert in civil litigation.

On March 31, 2010, the City of Richmond concluded the purchase of the Garden City Lands from the Canada Lands Company (CLC) Ltd. and Musqueam Indian Band. Richmond made a good faith offer to purchase the lands for $59.17 million, which was agreed to by Musqueam and CLC.
The Chief and Councillors of the Musqueam Indian Band, on their own behalf and on behalf of all other members of the Musqueam Indian Band and the Garden City Ventures Limited Partnership have recently commenced a legal action against the City. The City of Richmond considers that all matters with the Musqueam Indian Band in relation to the Garden City Lands have been concluded.

A March 27, 2010, post in this blog, “Fear of the Musqueam vs. healthy concern,” showed why there was reason for concern. The blog post was prompted by suggestions by a couple of councillors that implied the intent to get the property out of the ALR. The Musqueam, who read newspapers like everyone else, would be concerned, and I thought it was important that the city promptly confirm its intentions to keep the property in the ALR. That would have been a desirable step even if the need for damage control had not arisen. However, it might not have been enough.


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