New Gratefulness

Thanks in good part to you readers, we now have a broader and sharper vision of why it’s so important that the the Garden City Lands stay green in the Agricultural Land Reserve. A couple of weeks ago, the “Time for ALR exclusion?” post presented some starting-point reasons to keep the lands in the ALR. You were invited to respond with your ideas, and your input has been heeded.

One change is that the theme of respect has gone a step further. We still see that the reasons are all a matter of respect in one way or another, but the new insight is that the respect often flows from gratefulness: gratitude for what we have in the Garden City Lands—leading to a desire to share it well forever.

You’ll find it in a new page, “Gratefulness,” which you can access from the main menu of this blog. If you wish to print it out, you may prefer the one-page print version in PDF . Then, when anyone says “Why save the Garden City Lands?” you’ll be ready.


When things evolved in that happy way, it prompted me to visit a website I haven’t visited for a long time. It’s called Gratefulness.

I browsed around and came across an old favorite, “Gate 4-A,” which I started to read again even though it had nothing to do with the Garden City Lands. Later on, though, especially when I got to the old-country traveling tradition, I thought maybe it’s relevant after all.


In any case, now that I’ve led you astray, I hope you’ll still read the “Gratefulness” page on this blog or download and print the PDF version.


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