Message from the directors

The Garden City Lands Coalition Society recently published an updated brochure. It includes a message from the directors of the society, and we’d like to share it with you.


Dear citizens,

Citizens like you have given so many hundreds of hours to save the Garden City Lands because the potential is so great.

Our goal is to keep the lands green in the ALR for agricultural, ecological, and open-land park uses for community wellness, but we also like to express the goal as respect:

  • Respect for a natural jewel, for BC’s visionary ALR land bank, and for our planet
  • Respect for the needy, for our children, and for cooped-up people yearning to be in touch with the land
  • Respect for the looming food shortage, for our agricultural heritage, and for the uniqueness of Richmond

The respect flows from gratefulness for what we have in the Garden City Lands and a desire to share it well forever.

Respectfully with gratefulness,
The Directors, Garden City Lands Coalition Society


I hope that this blog and the coalition website generally reflect that thinking. However, here are a few items that may be particularly fitting if you feel like some follow-up reading:


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