Rose-coloured glasses

Some readers feel I’ve been viewing the Garden City Lands intentions of Richmond Council members through rose-coloured glasses. Do you agree?

One recent comment included this:

These councillors will come and go, and when they are gone, the lands will turn into a developer’s bonanza.

If they wanted to preserve the Garden City Lands, we would already have pocket farms, etc., on them.

Don’t forget that, despite these councillors’ naysaying and waxing on about how they do not approve of any development on the GCL, it is actually under THEIR watch that this deal went through.

Call it Paranoia, but it doesn’t matter. It’s already a done deal and NOTHING we can do will stop it. It is only a matter of time.

It’s as though my rose-coloured glasses have been politely but firmly ground under a heel.

The Garden City Lands Coalition has had an implicit premise that the seemingly impossible task of saving the lands is actually possible. There have been victories over the past four years, so one might think it is now more possible. But if it isn’t, we might as well stop wasting our time.

If you are in favour of the lands being saved, please vote in this poll about whether the goal is still possible. For this purpose, saving the Garden City Lands means keeping them green in the ALR for agricultural, ecological and open-land park uses for community wellness.

          Thank you for voting!


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