Personal visioning

I’ve added a post a day on this blog for the past 78 days—since March 8. Rather than keep doing that, I’ll write less for a while because I want to encourage you readers to focus on what’s most important at the current stage. What I most hope you will do is think about visions for the Garden City Lands and decide on your own.

The relevant posts are in the category “Visions for the Lands.” You can access them by going to the Main Menu on the left-hand side of this page, looking down to the “Categories” heading, and then choosing “Visions for the Lands” in the pull-down menu. Or you can click here. I suggest that you start at the bottom of “Visions for the Lands” page with either “Terra Nova—an inspiring saga” or “Sustainable Food Park—back to the future.”

Hopefully your own vision will be one that can be accomplished with the lands remaining green in the Agricultural Land Reserve for agricultural, ecological, and park uses for community wellness. We have gradually realized that the only way to keep the Garden City Lands green is to keep the property in the ALR. From one perspective, it’s also a matter of respect and gratefulness for what we have. As part of your own visioning, you will probably find it helpful to review the Gratefulness page. You can find it under “Pages” in the Main Menu or simply click here.

Remember that there is not a single Garden City Lands Coalition vision. Besides keeping the lands in the ALR, we hope that Richmond council will be respectful of the incredible amount of effort that citizens have gone to for the last several years in order to provide their visions through the proper channels, but there is still plenty of room for individual visioning. I think that much of the citizens’ drive came from a shared desire to achieve a deeply better community through the appropriate use of the Garden City Lands, and that can only continue in an active way, not a passive one. In my view, ongoing personal visioning by informed citizens is pretty much essential for an optimal result for the lands.


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