Jack and Rossana Miro and us all

I first heard of Jack and Rossana Miro just this past day when they used the online form to become members of the Garden City Lands Coalition Society. With minimal effort—a visit to the couple’s website—I soon learned that they integrate shiatsu, urban farming, and holistic nutrition. “Our ultimate purpose,” they say, “is to help improve individual and community well-being.”

To get to know them better, I visited their “About Us” page, and the detail that said the most about them to me was that they’ve “volunteered at l’Arche for over a decade.” One topic on the website is Urban Farming, which they do as community supported agriculture (CSA).

Jack and Rosanna plan to come to our society’s annual general meeting, which will be held at The Barn on June 23, 2010. They’re probably looking forward to the agri-tour of the Terra Nova Sharing Farm, and I look forward to seeing them and everyone else. Last year’s AGM at The Barn was a happy celebration, and this year’s should be too.

A great thing about the Save Garden City community effort is that there are Friends of Garden City from all over. I’m especially happy that we have a number of dues-paying members of the society from beyond Richmond. One reason for talking about the Miros here is to give a face to that wide community that strengthens our resolve to keep the Garden City Lands green in the ALR for agricultural, ecological, and open-land park uses for community wellness.


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