Richard Bullock new ALR boss

Update: For the latest re Richard Bullockgo here.

BC’s Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) has a new chair and CEO, Richard Bullock of Kelowna.  Since some members of Richmond council still want the Garden City Lands out of the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR), the appointment is significant for us, but the effects are unclear at this early stage.

The ALC chair/CEO position had been vacant since the end of April, even after former chair Erik Karlsen stayed on for an extra month. When I talked to Erik Karlsen in April, he gave the impression that his successor had been chosen months earlier but that action had somehow been slowed because of attention to the Olympics. Six of the nineteen ALC commissioner positions have been vacant, and Richard Bullock says that he has nothing to do with filling them but that they will all be filled soon.

The new chair seems to be well qualified. He has been general manager of Kelowna Land and Orchard since 1985 but has indicated that he will be delegating most of the business administration to family members. He has been chair of the British Columbia Farm Industry Review Board since 2004 and has given up that role while taking on the ALC role.

The announcement was made quietly on June 17, 2010, and has not received much media notice. The ALC website says little, but there’s some information in a Kelowna Capital News article. It appears that the new chair believes in the Agricultural Land Reserve and agritourism and has been successful with ancillary businesses on the family farm.


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