4 dimensions of Save Garden City

Listening to Garden City Lands Coalition volunteers talk to visitors at the Steveston Salmon Festival this morning, it occurred to me that for most people the Save Garden City battle has one or more of these three dimensions:

1. Local dimension: Conserving intact an incredible legacy of a large green space in the City Centre.

2. Provincial dimension: Saving the Agricultural Land Reserve. (The Garden City Lands is a chosen battleground of ALR opponents.)

3. Global dimension: Enabling food security and facilitating nature’s positive climate action. (Historically, the Garden City Lands has been a natural source of food and a peatland “sponge” absorbing greenhouse gases. If we don’t act locally, high-sounding global ideals mean nothing.)

For me at least, there’s also a fourth dimension. It exists because an incredible amount of misinformation has been spread about the Garden City Lands issue, turning the issue into a very complex one. That dimension consists of facilitating informed choice on a complex public issue.


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