green Salmon Festival

John Terborg and Carol Day in the Garden City Lands Coalition Society booth in the Green Zone at the 2010 Steveston Salmon Festival

Daniel Leung at the 2010 Steveston Salmon Festival

The Garden City Lands Coalition Society has received a letter of appreciation from the Steveston Salmon Festival. The feeling is mutual. We were impressed with the green theme and delighted to join fellow environmental groups in the Green Zone. 

At top, John Terborg and Carol Day are pictured in a momentary lull. To their left, you’ll notice a good neighbour, the Burns Bog Conservation Society, with which we share core values.  Carol, a Richmond school trustee and a director of the society, created the banners and signs. John brought bog samples (and carefully returned them right afterward) to illustrate bog principles.

At right, Daniel Leung looks pleased with the excellent support we received from Green Zone visitors. Daniel, another director,  translated our basic brochure into Traditional Chinese and was one of our multilingual members on hand to assist non-English speakers.

Conservation of the Garden City Lands is a huge issue in Richmond, but it is far more than a local issue. Among our booth volunteers, it was great to have a student from Guelph, Ontario, who is working in Richmond this summer, as well as a couple from Vancouver, where they have had inspirational success with urban agriculture to enable healthy local food for city dwellers, including food bank clients.

I also saw members and friends of our society happily helping out in other ways around the site, Steveston Park. For instance, one member was stationed just outside the Green Zone location, the net shed, where she was encouraging people to recycle their food containers in optimal ways.

An event like that is very encouraging. It was suggested to me that this year’s green theme will ideally become a standard for all future Salmon Festivals and could be maintained along with new annual themes. Steveston Community Society, keep up the good work! There are always a few people ready to throw monkey wrenches into positive cycles, but let’s hope the Salmon Festival people will manage to maintain this one. That would be great for Steveston and the wider communities.


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