Save the salmon too!

More than just a large green space in the heart of a city, the Garden City Lands are a conservation story about ordinary people standing up to three powerful organizations to share the truth before it is too late. Since the lands are on a delta island in the Fraser River Estuary, the mouth of the most significant Pacific salmon river, it’s fitting that many Save Garden City people have also heard the call to action from Alexandra Morton to save the wild Pacific salmon. From now until September 12, that campaign is in a crucial window of both opportunity and potential disaster.

I encourage you to read this urgent message from Alexandra Morton, and I hope you’ll agree enough to sign her online petition. Over to you, Alex:

Hello All,

The federal government has released its proposed Federal Pacific Aquaculture Regulations with a sixty-day public input period. These regulations roll back the safeguards we have in British Columbia to prevent heavy industrialization and privatization of the coast at the expense of our communities. Once these regulations pass, there will be no further public input on how each salmon feedlot licence is written, how many wild fish they can take, and what diseases they must report. The federal licences will be issued without First Nation or other consultation and can be expanded without an environmental assessment.

I feel there has to be enormous response or else we all lose, even the people working in the industry, because no retailer is going to want to be in possession of a seafood product authorized to “Harmfully Alter, Disrupt and Destroy” parts of the North Pacific. Oddly these regulations will not apply to the east coast of Canada, where the Minister of Fisheries resides.

There are options for you to act by the September 12 deadline:

  1. Sign this petition to the Prime Minister, which is intended to protect wild Pacific  salmon from the destructive effects of Atlantic salmon feedlots off the coast of British Columbia.
  2. Write to Ed Porter, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, who is accepting public input.

You can see my presentation on the strong correlation between disease in salmon feedlots and decline of Fraser sockeye inSFU’s Speaking for the Salmon.

I know it is very hard to react to everything that comes at us. However, I can’t turn this looming disaster around alone. It requires each and every one of you and your friends and family. Please pass the petition to all you know.

To stay up to date, please frequent the Wild Salmon Are Sacred website. I will let you know how many people have signed. Volunteers are hosting events throughout BC this summer to link all of us together, and this information will be posted. The T-shirts left from the migration are on my website, and proceeds go to this effort.

The Get Out Migration this spring brought thousands of people together, but government does not want to hear from our communities nor of our need for good health in our environment and our bodies. Clearly there needs to be more public response. That is all that is required to fix this. I will continue to push for protection for salmon feedlot workers, as this is a government mistake and they need not bear the cost of this to our coast.

I think we will have a good Fraser sockeye run this summer, and that should tell us the ocean and the river are still highly capable of feeding this coast! This generation of sockeye has shown one of the least declines and we need to investigate why this run is good and the others have failed so badly. If we allow government to let salmon feedlot companies hide their disease outbreaks, this investigation will be incomplete. If there is no salmon feedlot disease problem, there should be no reason for secrecy.

Hundreds of people have said “I am behind you Alex,” but this is not working. We have to stand shoulder to shoulder, where we are all peacefully and strongly visible. This is the only way to save ourselves and our planet.

Alexandra Morton
Sign to save the salmon!
And pass on this message


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