A question of “honour”

Good letter, “The people spoke,” by Olga Tkatcheva in the online Richmond Review! No doubt it will also be in the newspaper of Thursday, Sept. 2.

It seems that the lawyers for the Musqueam Indian Band are again claiming that the City of Richmond “failed to act honourably” in implementing “the MOU,” the basic Garden City Lands agreement. Olga rationally shows that it would have instead been dishonourable of Richmond’s legislators, city council, if they had not listened to the public in the consultation process and voted for what they believed to be best for Richmond citizens.

The Band does not seem to have a strong legal case, but they know from experience that they can wear governments down. Their strategy may (and may not) include a calculated possibility that council will give them a lot of additional millions to get them to go away. It is heartening to see effective letters like Olga’s, since they bolster the confidence of the informed public who read the papers. That will in turn lead to steady support for city council to stay the course.


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