Steveston towers—view from the undecided

Longtime Richmond citizen April Reeves, today’s guest blogger, was undecided when she first commented on our a post in this “Onni Steveston” category. Here’s what April decided at Onni’s open house:

One thought came to mind when I first saw the Onni model: “cheesy West End apartment”. The grounds display nothing more than a feel of “let’s just get it done”. I wasn’t expecting a miracle, but this just made me ask myself “Who needs to even question it?”

I was ready to turn around and drive home but spent time speaking with residents. And in the end, the people are right. I understand now that high density is not a Steveston possibility.

I think Onni is going to have to live in Steveston for a while so that they understand what it means to the residents who pay an extra $250,000 for a house to live there.

I had hoped Onni would change, but I see that’s not so. In fact, I feel the whole thing with Onni so far is so disgusting. (It’s not likely they will live up to the “gifts” either.) I would toss them out of Steveston altogether—no second chances.

Developers have to start learning about the areas they build into. They have to change, like every other corporation, if they want to survive in this “new world”. We are listening.

Onni has now added a second open house. It is at a better time, 5–8 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 22. 

The “Onni Steveston” category in the Main Menu includes more on this issue.


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