Somethings fishy beyond the Garden City Lands

In my public service work to help the community to understand the Garden City Lands issue and the ALR context, I also have an even broader goal of helping ordinary citizens to make the best choice in highly complex issues—even when powerful opponents with vast funding are conducting spin campaigns that mislead and confuse. It seems impossible, but enough people catch on and spread the word, and it becomes slightly possible. Since embarking on this in 2007, I’ve been impressed by a parallel situation where there are similar rays of hope. It is led by orca researcher Alexandra Morton from her home in the tiny community of Echo Bay, far up the coast from Metro Vancouver. Nowadays she spends much of her time leading the fight to save the wild salmon. One of the threats evidently comes from the feedlots for Atlantic salmon in our Pacific waters. Here’s Alexandra’s latest message about it:


I have taken a look at what is happening with salmon feedlots around the world and have posted my findings at our new blog.

The industry is facing enormous legal, social and biological issues around the world as a result of their aggressive expansion into the temperate coastlines of our planet.  Their issues with the European Union, Prince of Wales, a virus that is following them, and the lobster fishermen of New Brunswick are so huge that British Columbia has become the stronghold for this Norwegian industry. If they can’t expand in BC, their shareholders are going to walk away.

As politics in BC heat up, the industry paid a reported $1.5 million for an advertising campaign featuring prime time TV ads that offer zero information (Marketing Magazine, 19 Jan). The bottom of their fact page lists five companies, all with their head offices in Norway, and the BC Salmon Farmers Association, whose board members include the same five companies.

I agree that no one should believe everything they hear. Inform yourself. The future of this coast is depending on you. Take a look at the global picture of these global corporations.

I will be posting articles from around the world on the new blog so you can follow what people are saying about this industry around the world.

FYI – I am still collecting signatures to send to the Minister of Fisheries telling her we want farm salmon tested for the virus that appears to be killing millions of Fraser sockeye.

Alexandra Morton

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