How to be an IESCO award

Follow-up to earlier post:
Thank you, Dr. Chak Au, for leading the way!

Last month, Chak joined delegates from forty countries in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He shared his visionary skills with the assembly of the International Eco-Safety Cooperative Organization (IESCO), which is a United Nations affiliate.

On our behalf, Chak accepted two awards for world leadership by Richmond as a city and a school district. Each award is symbolized by a magnificent plaque and silk-enfolded certificate. Each is for a three-year period. We can celebrate forever, but in 2011, 2012, and 2013, our responsibility to humankind is to live the awards.

Chak presented the plaques at meetings of the school board last week and city council this week. The city award is “International Eco-Safety Demonstrative City.” Chak said, “This award belongs to the citizens of Richmond.”

Kansas City and Tanxia, China, were honored along with us, and we three cities have the privilege of demonstrating eco-safety. I’ll leave it to Chak to discuss the concept, which is broad, but the point is to do even better at what we’ve been seen to do so well.

Chak gave much credit to the Garden City Lands Coalition and Richmond Food Security Society. IESCO was especially impressed with them as models of grassroots action, and city council and staff have done their part too. In both examples, I’ve found our community spirit to be amazingly generous and humbling to experience.

Now we’re in the spotlight on the world stage, with just Kansas City and Tanxia beside us. As we continue to do what is green and right, our local impact will have global impact.

Being an Eco-Safety Demonstrative City is a measure of success. For that reason, it will be great if, in 2014, IESCO asks us to be it again.

For story and photos, see “IESCO award credited. . . .”


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