A City Centre vignette

At an opera intermission yesterday, I heard someone pleasantly calling my name. A retired former colleague said hello and thanked me for keeping the community informed about the Garden City Lands. She lives, she said, on Cook Road in the Richmond City Centre. “I used to watch the sunsets through my window,” she told me, with a tinge of sadness. “Now, with all the building that’s happened, I can’t see the sunset. It’s nice to be able to go to Garden City Road and look out over the Garden City Lands at the views.” I was sorry about her lost sunsets but glad of the input.

I’ve always felt that the green space we work so hard to save is first of all for the people of the City Centre in the present and far into the future. When there are 120,000 people in a space where there were 17,000 not long ago, the lands should still be their oasis, a natural place for calm refreshment—for agri-recreation and eco-recreation and a walk or tai chi by a small lake, with panoramic views.

For more on this, see an earlier post, “The Richmond City Centre vision for the lands.”

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