Bringing awareness to the needed level

Garden City lands awareness has come a long way.  Few now would want big buildings there. Many are glad to look out across the open-land park to the mountains. And it’s catching on that the sphagnum bog is a lung of the city.

A remaining need is for more citizens with close-up knowledge of the “green space.” But the eco-conscious are wary of harming off-trail areas, and there are no trails on the Garden City lands. So how can one know the lands better?

Try a free eco-tour with Michael Wolfe as your guide. Michael is a teacher and conservation biologist who knows the lands like an old friend. He’s leading a tour this Sunday, April 10.

It’s easy to hike on the Garden City lands in April, before the green grows dense and tall.  Michael will help you see what’s there. He’ll focus on native plants with values for food, warmth, and healing—and for biodiversity.

With Michael’s insight, you’ll see why a large bog area is ideal for restoring the handiwork of the first agriculturist, nature. You’ll also see where there’s room for organic growing that joins forces with nature to meet food-security needs of our multi-culture community.

Rain or shine, the April 10 eco-tour starts at 2:30 p.m. at the main entrance off Garden City Road, about 250 metres north of Westminster Highway. Wear boots, and bring an interest in conserving natural treasure. For more, visit


April 8 update: The Richmond News has published this post as Eco-consciousness sinking in.” At the moment, the forecast is for a wet Sunday, so the “sinking in” may be truer than they realized. However, instead of limiting the value of the tour, it will just enable the eco-tourists to see aspects that are not evident when it’s drier. An example is groundwater patterns, which are significant for future uses of the lands. (And, of course, the weather may be different two days from the forecast of two days earlier. That seems to happen as often as not.)


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