2011 federal election & the DND Lands, Post 3

Note: This builds on Post 1 and Post 2.

At Tuesday’s forum for the Delta–Richmond East riding, five MP candidates were asked about the Department of National Defence Lands, or “DND Lands,” the federal property just east of the Garden City Lands. Each described how she or he as MP would enable the lands to benefit the community if the property becomes surplus to defence needs.

(Since Richmond councillors publicly talk about the possibility of adding the DND Lands to the parkland to the west and east, it is worthwhile to be ready for possible changes in the status of that property.)

Kerry-Lynne Findlay and Nic Slater each knew an aspect of the issue fairly well, and Duane Laird and John Shavluk talked about suitable uses of the lands. Alan Beesley said it was not a federal issue.

For a start, a good approach would be for the MP to help find another federal program use that’s in keeping with a property in the middle of the Lulu Island Bog with zoning for conservation and agriculture. The lands would then continue to provide the environmental and ecological benefits of a bog forest.

If the government decided against another federal use, the alternative of a transfer of ownership through the federal land disposer to the City of Richmond could go much better than the Garden City lands transfer. The approach would entail the MP and other key people applying lessons learned from mistakes and from the Sinclair Centre case, a better federal experience with surplus property.

I was disappointed that the candidates didn’t mention those two approaches. However, they had only one minute each. And, since they’re not from Richmond, they’re unlikely to be immersed in such matters. (The candidates who live in the riding all seem to be from the Delta part, even though the riding’s Richmond residents far outnumber the Delta ones.)

We have sincere people willing to serve as MP for Delta–Richmond East, but it may take a while for the one we choose to get up to speed. Till then, let’s hope Canada’s armed forces hang onto their Richmond lands.



  1. 1
    shavluk Says:

    Well thats a sad assessment of my participation no doubt
    Its too bad party politics is obvious your real goal
    I lived there for 8 years and am now two miles away on the river…wow..I am offended by your partisan view

    Thats all you heard from what I said?

    I repeat….””Healthy sustainable food production””” “”I will Make them bequeath the lands to Richmond FREE and still deal with first nations””

    I said more but if any care enough to find out the rest please dont hesitate to contact me @ shavluk.com

    I hope all of you here also vote

  2. 2
    al Says:

    Lets review the current status.
    The City owns the GCL. The GCL’s future will be decided by the Council and the Province( ie not the ALC….they are a spent force in this matter having rendered two decisions ).

    The City’s interest in the DND in my view is to acquire it for park, thus the GCL is “surplus” to park needs accessible for development. City has a long history of development, as it uses them as ATM machines.

    Provincial politicians MLA’s have no say except to lobby for votes…

    What I see unfolding is matter lays dormant until after the Civic elections. Then Council will have some agenda unfolding with possibly 4 year terms looming to expose their agenda.

  3. 3
    kewljim Says:

    Note: The author of the previous comment has just started a blog. It is at http://alrscam.wordpress.com/.

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